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Company History

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Essam Abdel Atty, Primostone started off being a local-based factory in suburbs of Cairo. With his vision and perseverance, Mr. Abdel Atty managed to take this humble factory and turn in into the mega marble production outlet that it is today. Located in the heart of New Cairo, Primostone now employs over 100 skilled workers and produces more than 300,000 square meters of finished marble slabs and tiles annually. Today, the factory stands on 36,000 square meters, operating with three hi-tech production plants for slabs and tiles conjointly. Over the years, the corporation attained its well-renowned reputation of excellent quality through the hard work and commitment of each member of our organization. With an experience of 15 years in the marble industry, today, Primostone becomes one of the most prominent suppliers of Marble slabs and tiles globally. The corporation exports to Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, with the main market for export being the U.S, which is considered to be one of the most competitive markets worldwide with their extensive attention to detail and very precise needs.


The Marble industry has evolved over the years to be able to utilize and produce quarries’ natural materials. The process begins by extracting marble blocks from the heart of the quarries using heavy-duty equipment, using special techniques to get quality products.

Block Preparation:

The process begins by cleaning the selected blocks and preparing them for “slabbing” using Monofilo and Monolama, which enable us to get precise block size with minimal material loss.

Slabbing Process:

Primostone is equipped with 5 Italian Gangasaws that we make us deliver our products with different thickness customized as per the customer’s requirements. These blocks are slabbed in 80 blades BM gangasaw to convert those blocks into slabs

Epoxy Treatment:

Marble material contains some defects and cracks that need to be treated. Thus slabs are grinded then they are epoxy-treated to enhance durability and protect the material.


Afterwards, the slabs are polished and go through our selection process in order to be packed in bundles for slabs orders. On the other hand tiles orders, finished slabs are filtered to be ready for the cutting process into tiles.


The factory is equipped with Six GMM Vertical Milling sawing machines that are used to ensure that the tiles are cut according to the order sizes received. This process enables pre dimensions as per our customers' requests.

Selection & Packing:

Finally, we get to the final and most important phase; the selection phase. This is considered the most important step as the tiles are selected profoundly based on the samples that the customers approved. Accordingly we ensure that the products are in line with the customer’s selection and requirements. The selected products are finally packed in crates and ready for delivery.


During the entire manufacturing process, our products are dealt with, with utmost care to ensure that our customers receive only the highest-quality products upon delivery.